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Can't Set The Bar Much Lower!

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  • season ticket sales into four figures
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To not fall asleep, sobbing, each night wondering where they could have been with Mad Mick at the helm?


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Not at all.


They have handily managed to turn defeat into victory.

By some quirk of their limited thought processes they have now managed to convince themselves that our promotion is a negative thing because we are destined to be on the end of hammerings next season and are therefore certs. for relegation whilst they will enjoy their season more because Lambert will lead the  blue and white army to certain promotion from the third tier at the first attempt.

Yes promotion to the Premier League, the very thing that most of the Championship sides dream of at the outset of each season and an achievement which they have managed to avoid for the best part of a decade and a half is a bad thing.

Believe. This surely takes the biscuit even from a support that has had years of practice in dealing with adversity and having to make the most of it.

Promotion or not, that debt of theirs is bound to get bigger next season and it cannot be allowed to grow forever before something gives.

Relegation or not, we will still, if the worst comes to the worst, enjoy that lovely parachute money. 

Incidentally they despise the parachute payments as being unfair, suitably sidestepping the fact that one of the prerequisites of being relegated from the top table is actually gaining a place at it in the first place ..... a feat which they look unlikely to ever achieve.

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