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What Line up would you like to see today?

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Here''s mine I think we should give this a go barring injuries:


Hughes         Doherty   Davenport         Drury

McVeigh      Safri         Robinson          Hucks

                     Ashton     Jarvis


My ideal line up come January would be:


Hughes         Shackell   Davenport         Drury

Osman(buy)  Safri         Oster(buy)        Hucks

                    Ashton      Jarvis/Mackenzie

Manager: Martin O''Neil (Dreaming) Holloway/Burley (Realistic)

Anyway this is what I would like to see what about you? Where is John Oster at at the moment? always thought he was a great player and Osman, hopefully we can get him in a deal with Green. He terrorised us at Carrow Road last season. I know You''ll all be wondering why I have dropped Doherty? I would like to see these 2 given a chance together? They could be the answer to the defence and will be there for the following season in the Prem! he he

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isnt John Oster at shrewsbury?

if i was the manager today i would play.


Wright   Doherty   Davenport   Drury



      Henderson            Hucks

             Ashton      Jarvis


Hucks and Hendo to go out wide, Safri in the holding role and Etuhu to mix it up a bit, get forward, get the foot in.... basically act as playmaker... Fullbacks to attack at every opportunity. Safri to drop back and cover defensively when they go forward.

4-1-1-2-2 formation.

jas :)

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