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Andy Hughes - Premiership quality?? Championship Quality??

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I still cant beleive this is the type of player worthy thought as a club we needed and would move us on.

A player even reading fans could not beleive we were interested: A good lat not much ability..

I have this hope we went there looking for sidwell but came back with hughes but from worthys comments i fear this was not the case.

Also how much of the transfer budget are we wasteing on these loan midfield workhorses and right back??? I fear we would be no worse off with colin in there than wright especially if we arent gonna pick him up on the cheap after the loan spell is over.....

Worthy just does not sign talent he signs cloggers and there comes a point when a team can only improve by adding QUALITY players.  We reached that point last year and wothy has taken the club backwards by not signing any quality

How the KTF can blame the players when actually they are just not that good is beyond me..  A certain idiot signed them and is ruining our football club.


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