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This Summer Transfers: Reasons to be positive

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Was looking through the side at the derby and subsequent matches, realised that the most recent first team had all been signed / given debuts in last 2 years and cost under 5m.  Also how many players we have that just aren’t in the picture, but probably on the bigger wages (count about £25m out on loan).  Made me think about how much we will save in the summer post clear out. 


All the numbers below are estimated, based on news stories and football manager (not super reliable).


  • Pinto: 20k a week
  • Naismith: 30k a week
  • McGovern: 10k a week
  • Jarvis: 20k a week
  • Wildschut: 20k a week


Likely to leave (subject to interest of course):

  • Nelson: 20k, would take anything, but maybe guess 1m fee
  • Raggett: low wages, signed for 350k, probably 250k to sell
  • Husband: low wages, probably another 250k
  • Franke: wages been paid by loan clubs: probably 1m fee
  • Ben Marshall: low wages, probably 1m fee


Some of the players have been out on loan, so their wages have been covered this year.  But looks like £100 - 125k a week SAVED and £3.5m of fees coming in with no dent at all on the first 18: over a year that is £8.7m or £10m saved.  Which surely puts us in a strong position in the summer and beyond?:   


Obviously we have to resolve / replace the following:


  • Klose: probably 30k
  • Passalack: 10k maybe
  • Rhodes


I wasn’t sure about some of Webber and Farke’s decisions early on at times (Husband and Stierperman at left back), but this alone would put us in a great position in the summer.  Clean – lean squad, no hangover costs and hopefully premier league money!


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Yeah this summer most of our really onerous contracts end and we can finally be a bit freer.

My only concern if we don't go up is around our home grown quotas. Aarons and Lewis will be targetted by bigger clubs and thus we'll need to start actively looking at home grown targets who can make up the numbers if they do go.

Long way away though.

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I think you might be over-estimating the wages bill gc, and may be the fees we would get in from sales of the unwanted, but there is no doubt that the Summer will see light at the end of the tunnel as far as finances go.

Unsavoury to think about, but more than a couple of our current performers are worth a bundle in the transfer market and, come what may, could make the Maddison  rescue act seem quite small.

I have always maintained though that our massive support (20,000+ season ticket sales, near full houses every home game)will remain the bed rock of our club, in financial terms; as it was when we were briefly in League 1.

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