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Pro Worthy faction haemorrhaging support

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The Pro Worthy lobby Amarillo and Dicky et al have been conspicuous by their absence.

Articles in the local media have begun to question Worthy''s abilities read EDP, EEN and not just Fans View.

See articles on this website from Capital Canaries, Man in the Stands etc going back a number of weeks all call for his head.

NCISA say he should go, other message boards 606 and WOTB are even more scathing.

What does it take for the penny to drop, the vitriol will only get worse unless a run of a dozn wins which is not going to happen.

Who will replace him I hear you cry, I don''t care could there be anyone worse to lead the club, I await your suggestions of which I actually know there are plenty.  But I am so depressed initially about Worthy but now with the intransigence of our Board and Delia in particular.

The players have made it obvious what they think without expressing it in words, take a hint Nige and jump ship soonest.

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Pete - this is not a time to point score over fellow fans views.   City are in a downward spiral and what is important is the ground swell of opinion moving in the direction we both want rather than reopening the I''m right/no Im right debate that creates nothing but animosity rather than action.

The media are reporting fans fears and concerns and my opinion is that things will continue to move in our direction as long as we focus on the question at hand - is worthy the right man for the job - rather than the attacking the personalities/point scoring  over the people who have diffent views to ours.

But the dis-satisfaction is growing and PR spin from the likes of Hamilton of all people are last throws of a desperate PR team showing the concern is now real and being appreciated.





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Zipper, as always you make some good points.

My concern is in reading the recent article from Ashton where he all but admits the players are not doing what the manager asks of them.

I can understand the argument that says lets get someone in who they will listen to then, but is that morally right??

If the Ashton revelations are correct then what has Worthy actually done wrong. What has he done to lose the dressing room - is it him or has one season in the prem turned the noses of one too many big time charlies.

I think Worthy has taken too much flack and the players no where near enough.

Are we really reduced to the board letting the players decide who goes and who stays??

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The players do have to take a hugh amount of blame for our current predicament and ashton is being honest in saying they are not doing enough.   But as you point out elsewhere replacing 20+ playing staff midseason simply is not an option we can afford or even start to contemplate.

Worthy has been quick enough to blame and drop players when failing to follow orders etc in the past so if the man lives by the sword he has to be prepared to die by it too.   Unfair perhaps - but that is football...      

What has he actually done wrong?  Wrong tactics, wrong purchases, wrong emphasis on player attributes, wrong use of Ashton himself - people continually out of position leads to questioned tactics and lack of confidence when things go wrong.

As far as player power is concerned it has ever been thus, as distasteful as it is..



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Players didn''t always have this power. I''m not saying the wage-cap shouldn''t have been broken, but maybe a new limit should be introduced.

Similarly, the new transfer rules play into players hands. In previous

years , it would have been  a lot easier to ship out players and

bring in replacements. The number of loan players brought in reflects

how badly a managers hands are tied. The Premiership teams (mostly)

have fewer problems because they run larger squads - hell''s teeth, most

of the Championship teams run larger squads. That''s not down to

Worthington - he wanted to increase the squad. I don''t know what led to

the shortfall in players; money; bad negotioating; timing (Francis); or

the Board of Directors, but the manager wasn''t able to bring in the

players he wanted before the transfer window closed.

The result has been players feeling in the comfort zone because their

position isn''t under threat. Also, those same players can''t be easily

shipped out, let alone replaced, hence the ''emergency'' loans which lead

to criticism of the manager once more. Who knows how many other deals

were part-brokered before August 31st? What irons are still glowing

gently in the January fire? Players have the security you expect in a

normal job, but with vastly superior returns for their efforts, this

inequality should be addressed - the huge rewards used to be justified

(in part) by the insecurity of a players position (i.e. he could be let

go at any time, or his registration retained if he stepped out of

line). Without these sort of checks on player power, their egos swell

unchecked and it leads to them being the true force unless a very

strong Board is in charge - something sadly lacking at NCFC.

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Good point about squad salary cap. I have discussed this before as a

way of controlling the rampant spending of the top teams - it would

also stop the likes of Leicester going into administration and keeping

the players on Prem salaries to win promotion, as they did a few years

back (assuming the divisional differential were implemented).

This has taken the thread a little off topic, but a nice sideshow all the same.

You certainly wouldn''t have the situation at Spurs, with about 20

midfielders on the books under Martin Jol! This in turn releases more

decent players for the lower leagues, rather than having them kick

their heels, picking up a fat pay-cheque, in a Prem third-team squad!

Again, it''s a question of restoring balance - between divisions and

within clubs (i.e. the balance of power between players &


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