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Fed up with this miserable situation!

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Take it I am speaking for everyone else? when I say that I am at the end of my tether with this whole situation. You work hard to earn your meager wage and go to work for 10 hours a day. Due to the small amount of money that you have left to spend each month. You select the ways with which to enjoy your existence carefully. One of mine is Norwich City Football Club, who I spend loads of my hard earned on in order to enjoy my meager wage well. To the extent that I drive 9 hours in order to watch a home game. I am in the Army and work hard i.e The last home game in midweek I went to work at 7a.m worked until 10 and then had a 2 hour 8 mile PT session with 26lbs on my back. I returned and went back to work until 3 P.M. My boss who knows what a keen NCFC fan I am, let me leave early to get to kick off. I arrived at 1930 hrs just in time for kick off. The game was against Cardiff and we won so I left happy, although not impressed. The time now is 10 P.M and I have to drive home, I arrive there at 2.30 in the morning in order to get 4 hrs kip and go back to work at 7 am for another 10 hours. I was tired yes but I still managed to carry out my tasks and could of done another 2 hr PT session if required. So when you hear that well payed players, that you spend your hard earned on as a way to enjoy your spare time, cant even be bothered to turn up for work due to being tired, it leaves you totally speechless! The player in mind has hardly played all season anyway! This leads me to total despair.

Watching Norwich City has no longer became a past time that I enjoy. In fact it hurts to watch, the players and the management look totally clueless. No effort, No ideas just tired (due to the 180 minutes of football they had to play in a week) Most of us actually play at the weekends to enjoy ourselves. I bet most of us would play twice in a week if we could. So maybe these players have far too much left over money to enjoy themselves? Maybe thats why they are tired?

I am sick of this whole situation, all I wish for now is a fresh start with a new manager and some new players, who care about the effort that I put in to watch them every weekend. So I now constantly find myself on this website, Sky Sports news and teletext searching for the news that I crave! Yes that Worthington has gone and this new start can begin and I can get back to doing what I enjoy the most, watching NCFC play on a weekend.

The story is not complete yet as there is a final twist in the tale. I sit listening to the phone in on Radio Norfolk eagerly awaiting the interview in which Worthless must surely announce his resignation. I am sweating in anticipation, he arrives and answers the questions that are coming at him in his usual way. He appears to not be resigning? Then the final insult the reporter asks " So what must we do nigel to ensure we are not having this conversation in the near future" His response wait for it "Thats the million dollar question is''nt it, and if we knew that we would''nt be here now" I am totally speechless this is the man that gets paid a Million dollars to answer this question for the paying public! I am totally at the end of my belief that the board still backs him. I left the last home game saying that the next few away games would decide his fate? Could they have been worse? Still though nothing, I eagerly left work today hoping that this was the new beginning but no nothing. The club website doesnt even touch on it, although it does have a rather amusing article reading "Come to Carrow Road and enjoy christmas" Somehow I doubt I will. I will certainly not be spending my spare money on a ticket to the West Ham game! I would also like to state that I am running the Paris marathon, the London marathon 2 weeks later and then playing in the Football Aid charity match at Carrow Road. This is all in aid of charity not to earn money. Oh yes I have to work 40 to 50 hours during the weeks in between, I am sure I will be tired but will pull through. Please Nigel end this misery now before it turns sour and walk. You have lost the players, they are all constantly injured and tired which is quite handy at this time! Let us have a new manager that will give them a good kick up the arse, some belief and most of all some decent players to play with!

Hopefully then I can get back to cheering the Yellows on and being proud to do so!


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