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It makes you laugh at Wothy''s latest excuse for a diabolical performance - The players have still got their heads in the Premiership ! So how many of the team on Saturday represented Norwich in the Premiership ? Only three on a regular basis - Green , Drury and Ashton . All the others either have joined since ( Colin,Davenport ,Robinson.,Etuhu ,Thorne )or hardly got a game ( Doherty ,Henderson,Brennan,).

It is clear that Worthy has completely lost the plot and he should go - Unfortunately our spineless board have not got the guts to do what every fan has been seeing now for months , and now it is too late . The rot has set in and events will start to gather pace . Over the next few weeks you will witness the team being torn apart as we lose Safri , Davenport , Green , Huckerby , Ashton in the transfer window and we will be left with an outfit heading for relegation with no chance for any new manager to change our fortunes.


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