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nothing disloyal about criticising

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Some may have read this on this very site, but I thought this was a cracking piece that some, maybe, should remember.

Nothing disloyal about criticising


The idea of ''togetherness'' has gone too far at Norwich City. Hardly a week goes by without the term being used in a club press release.

It''s not that I wish anything other than all aspects of our club pulling together; it''s just that togetherness has developed into a divide for unquestionable loyalty.

On one side you''re ''for'' and on the other ''against'', and the grey area that should be open for constructive debate has been eroded.

This isn''t good for any organisation. The danger is that togetherness can become blind faith, and blind faith is not a healthy preoccupation.

It seems to me that in some people''s eyes my disapproval of togetherness makes me some sort of traitor to the cause.

The reality, of course, is that like all City fans, I want the best for our club, but blind faith and acceptance of all that is spun out of Carrow Road is not always in the best interests.

Just as an effective government needs an effective opposition, so a football club needs its critics and should pay heed to its opinions and views.

Indeed, I believe the rumours flying around Carrow Road at the moment, much to Nigel Worthington''s annoyance, are exacerbated by the reliance on party line and lack of open debate.

I suspect that the majority of fans realise we have a well-run club and desperately want to return to the Premiership, ideally with Worthington as manager.

However, it doesn''t mean to say that we agree - or, more to the point, that we have to agree - with everything that goes on at the club.

In addition to the performances on the pitch, I have been particularly disappointed recently regarding the hotel plans for the corner infill - and I know that I''m not the only one who believes this is a mistake.

The only thing facing the pitch should be supporters. The trouble is that there has been little open discussion on this matter, and most of the commentators in the press have been tripping over themselves to applaud the board''s decision with little consideration for the alternative point of view.

It''s not just affecting supporters, either, with Worthington falling foul to the current climate when he had the audacity to criticise the fans when disapproval was voiced over one of his substitutions.

Sure enough, a few days later came the formal apology that sounded suspiciously like it was penned by Alistair Campbell.

Well, if it''s any consolation, Nigel, I didn''t agree with you and I, too, thought your substitution bizarre, but you''re entitled to a right of reply and in my opinion no apology was necessary.

The value of open debate could be seen at the club''s annual meeting on Monday during the question-and-answer session.

Unfortunately, we did have to sit through a succession of people who, instead of asking questions, used the opportunity to offer the audience their pre-scripted speeches in support of the manager.

However, interspersed with this were a number of good questions quizzing Worthington on issues that regularly lead to bewilderment and frustration on the terraces, such as players playing out of position.

The answers weren''t particularly enlightening, with Worthington insisting there was nothing wrong with tactics, morale or effort (which leaves me even more bemused by our current league position).

But he didn''t seem to take any offence to the questions, and his straight-talking (when it''s allowed) is always entertaining.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

The annual general meeting may have appeared to offer resounding support for the manager but anyone who regularly sits in the stands realises that judging the situation on this small percentage of supporters is naïve because there is understandably much discontent.

I hope the tide will turn, but either way the club must let people have their say and acknowledge that the opposing view is not only accommodated but also valued.

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Agreed Rossi, I do happen to know Gary and can confirm he is both a passionate fan of our club and very level headed. 

Two things I would like to comment on, I agree with Gary re the hotel issue.  Maybe I am old fashioned, but I too think it would be best if the club forgot the hotel and made the current void into seating, or if it were at all possible, and if at all possible in the future, convert into terracing.  The placement of terracing into that particular part of the ground would lend itself to a great corner, would it be the place to be or what?  Yes, a big dream, but hey, who can get truly excited about a hotel?  Yes the hotel would bring in revenue, but aren''t we doing okay with the present conference facilites anyway?  I walk past the ground quite a lot and there are always posters up signifying some corporate event on there.  Hey, I am even going to one in January!

Secondly, the value placed on the support, or otherwise of a small band of people.  If the club seriously consider that the AGM was a benchmark of popular opinion then they couldn''t be more wrong.  The AGM, and the forum at Diss the other day were attended by a small section of support and cannot be taken as a barometer of opinion.  Nor can I truly say I know the percentages of for and against change based on who I personally know.  We are still getting large crowds and there are still people on the waiting list for tickets, there isn''t major dissent at games, although there has been, and I guess will continue to be booing and discontent if the results and performances don''t improve.  What maybe hugely significant for the club is the prospect of people not renewing their season tickets, obviously in any great number.  This is revenue the club depends on and the faith of the season ticket holders maybe wearing a bit thin.  To most it is represents a huge annual investment, despite easy payment terms.  I wonder what may happen upstairs if there are large numbers caring not to renew.



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Of course I have to agree Rossi, now I go on a lot about Worthy ( far too much maybe) but any criticisim of him on here is met and counted with a barrage of insults, or in my case being called a troll by the KTFers.

But that doesn''t make me disloyal, there is no one more desperate than me to see City win at Derby today, I''m a City fan and want the club to do well and win games.

I wish sometimes posters would realise that.

Yes, I want the best for City, not 2nd or 3rd best, but THE best, and I believe Worthy cannot deliver that, but I''m still a supporter like everyone else, I just see things differently thats all!.

Top post by the way.

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see your point king, but moaning is a british past-time. its ok to moan

if you''re trying to make a positive out of a negative, but malicious

moaning is another kettle of fish. personally, i''m happy to tolerate

moaners  - in the right spirit it at least shows they care.

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