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Were joint first!

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Yes that''s right, these top four teams in the chamionship now share the

same amount of losses. Crewe, Millwall, stoke and us....Joint 1st with

11 defeats. But to be fair weve won 6 games this season, out of

22....6! At this rate we may not even beat the 7 we managed last

season. so let me work this out....thats 13 wins....in 60 games. Yes

that''s right, 13. With 17 draws....and 30 losses. Anyone else find that

hugely disturbing. Now I know we were in the premiership. But were not

anymore. I''m not a Worthy out-er, I just want to see changes in

Norwich''s performances. If this means Worthy out then so be it. If in

60 games time weve only won another 13....then division 2 here we come.

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