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Rudolph Hucker

Promotion doesn't matter any more

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This is true.  Not confident if worthy can save us from relegation

now in we continue to play like that - a dire performance. I was

hopeful for a result today, but new boys in midfield were disappointing

for me, hardly heard them mentioned. mcveigh had a disappointing game

on left when given a chance. Hendo will never score consistently, and

proved it again when one on one with a weak shot straight at the


I''m fed up with commenting on underperfoming players and poor

results.  something is wrong at city, and it needs adressing


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If i had of read this yesterday i would have thought it is just another person over exadurating, Norwich could never get relegated. Having seen us play today i am s**t scared that we are now facing relegation. It is serious, the performance today was the worst i have ever seen and there is no sign of things changing

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