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Great Expectations .....

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Isn`t   it true  that we had great expectations   that  we would    be favourites to  be among the top two to gain automatic promotion  from the fizz this season ?

Why should this be ??

   it was a disaster in the prem ,  the strikers  kept missing sitter after sitter [ mainly supplied by Hucks ! [:P] ] 

Greeno  let in a record number of goals , 

Time after time  , the team   fell back  onto a defence that  couldnt  cope with  a concerted attack  .....   ergo  we became easy meat   for any opposition  .

If   all this  didn`t  make us revise our expectations   after relegation  , then the heavy defeat  by Fulham  SHOULD have !!     sh*t  ,  we were fighting to stay in the prem  !!  and , apart from   , maybe, two or three of our players ,  the rest  didn`t even make a fight of it !   bottled out of  the thought of being humiliated  , yet again , if we managed to stay in the prem .... ?

With just a few exceptions , we were a demoralised " team "    which fell back into the fizz .....

So   how DID this  idea we were favourites  to bounce straight up again  come about ?    up comes the  cry , " We`re a stronger team " ,    on what basis ??     how come a " stronger team " is now looking at  the relegation zone   ? 

The penny SHOULD have dropped  by now ..............

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