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Time to get the Christamas Party Hat?

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Yes its now December .....

And Chritsmas is only a matter of a few weeks away....

December the 17th will be great at Home ... Time for the christmas hats and party mood....

We are playing Southampton who lets face it are now in as much mess as us!

I can''t wait....


I must have put around 4 to 6 posts on this website since the 5th-6th game of the season making surgestions about:

a: Worthy and his post match interviews

b: Players Lack of Passion for the game

c: Act now b4 its too late ...

Blah blah blah .....

Well its nearly Chritmas now and we are still Crap, we still have

worthy, we still are trying new players to improve the team, we still

play old wood players in the hope that they will have a good game, we

are now only 4 points from the ''Zone'', we still can''t play away from

home, we couldn''t play away in the prem and now we can''t in the champ.

We are not becoming a joke, we are a joke!

I hate listening to us on the radio, its like ''oh here we go again!''. Even Neil Admas is starting to sound depressed.

BUT ... Come this Dec 17th... I will be there as a loyal supporter

and season ticket holder. I will be in a up beat mood, as its a home

game and we can win them! BUT do I want to win. Surley that means

Worthy will still have his job! But how can I want them to lose! You can''t think like that!

Can you?

Its sad but true

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