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St.John Cooper

Its to Late now

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Its to late now to get rid of Worthy, our season is already over.  We might as well see it out and look for someone over the summer, despite bad results I do not think we will go down, and this way we will have time to choose a good replacement. We are bad but there are worse...just, so we should be ok! 


The sad fact is he should have gone when it would have made a difference, when there was a chance we could turn the season around. People and the board did and still do want to give him more time.   Well I am with you now as we have sat on our hands as a club and not reacted.  Why oh why have we not got rid of him yet?, to me it simply makes no sense. I am fed up.  I have wanted him out for a long time and have not understood the Worthy in boys for some time....they seem few and far between now but the board? what is the matter with them?.

Lets keep him but start palnning NOW for his replacement


Lets face it we are rubbish at the moment








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