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Phat Canary

Times, they are a changing!!!

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My heart is broken!! My 7 year old son is so fed up and bored of watching the shambles at Carrow road this season that he no longer wants to go with me, instead he would rather stay at home and to quote him "do something better", when i was 7 there was nothing better than going to see the fast,slick, attacking football on show at Carrow road, and there we have the problem, at the moment Norwich City are playing unjointed,boring,not got an idea what we''re doing style of football that all canary fans have had a gut full of, so who do we blame for this transformation into the poor excuse for a football team we are now? um!! ere!!! let me think!!!! NIGEL WORTHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Surely all of us can see that a change is needed, we have turned totally stale under Nigel, and yes he did get us promoted but he also got us relegated with poor signings (ashton excluded) and even poorer tactics. If Delia and the top brass dont act now then we are heading for a second relegation and complete obscurity, Please Delia if not for me and all the lifelong fans for my son and all the other first season kids who think that staying at home watching "in da bungalow" is better than a trip to the footy!



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