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Darlo dumplin’

Worhy and "THAT" contract

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Ok so we learned that he has a ''12 month rolling'' deal, said to be common in the business world. Also common in the business world I presume are contracts which relate to performance. Not long ago I almost posted a thread entitled "why worthy must stay", based on expected events with messrs Warnock and Redknapp. Misguided, I now admit!

However, whatever injuries, misfortunes, cruel luck or acts of God or other excuses the Board may publicly wish to rely upon, I doubt that they of all of us relish this mornings league table in the run up to Christmas, and if we credit them with the common sense that has put the club on its current ''prudence with ambition'' footing, I for one have little doubt that the contract will provide for what now seems not just inevtiable, but essential to even the most ardent of worthy''s supporters.

If by any chance that is NOT the case, then ''prudence with ambition'' must surely be a hollow pipe dream with no substance.

Surely it must now be not a question of whether but when?  

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