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Northern Canary

Thoughts and player ratings.

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Firstly the player ratings, pretty much all of them a disgrace.

Green - 4 always hoofs it right back to the opposition, maybe his only option but poor distribution

Brennan - 0. Panics on the ball, terrible passes, cant tackle.

Doherty/Davenport - 4 They were under so much pressure but they gave a reasonable effort

Colin - 0. Doesnt close anyone down, cant mark anyone, cant pass and never goes forward

McVeigh - 4 Looked lively but had no options what so ever when he had the ball.

Etuhu - 5. He could be effective if he wasnt in such a crap team

Robinson - 2 didnt do anything

Safri - 3 looked OK. Not sure about missing matches because he is "tired". Didnt have the best of games but had our best chance,

Henderson - 2 has TERRIBLE control, just rubbish. Made a few good runs and had a very good chance but should not be playing right wing.

Thorne - 4. Heads it on and nobody is there. Not sure what else he could do though

Ashton - 5. If i were him i would leave as soon as i could, We are ruining a good player.

Basically, the team has no clue at all of what to do. The main tactic - Hoof it up from greeno to the strikers who make no contact then it is back to Derby. WE cant string more than two passes together, we never close down the opposition and our defending is horrific. Whenever we start an attack we end up passing it all the way back to Green who hoofs it to Derby players. All match we kicked it straight back to them. No creativity, rubbish defending, no midfield and a disgraceful performance.
           IMO someone needs to say publically that we are facing relegation. That may get rid of this cocky "we are a prem team" attitude and get some fire in their bellies. Not a single one, apart from perhaps Deano, Thorne and McVeigh looked at all bothered.

         We need to get a new manager and coach in. I suggest Burley.

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green 6- made a couple of exellent saves and we could have been two nil down before they got the first.kicking was pants

colin 1- looked a little boy who had lost his mummy

drury4/brennan0- adam looked shakey,brennan absolute garbage

davs4-looked ropey at times and missed free header.outjumped for second goal

doc4-lucky not to be sent off,out of sorts

mc v4-didnt get into game

etuhu3-saw nothing  to impress me,looked slow and heavy footed

robinson-2 was awful

safs3-only cos he hit the bar

hendo3-first touch truly shocking,didnt get forward

thorne4-didnt get enough service

ashton5-cant fault his effort or commitment,agreee we are ruining him,has total lack of confidence and self belief

agree we had no ideas except to hump the ball upfield and put ourselves back under the cosh

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Green    7       (made some great saves, but cant kick and doesn''t come for crosses)

Drury               (As the EDP says not enough time to asses)

Colin       0     (at a push, the chants of EDDY EDDY EDDY summed up how bad he was)

Doherty   3      (left his man for both goals, so his fault although,we only conceded 2)

Davenport  6   (Didn''t seee him do much wrong )

Brennan   0      ( he wouldfit in well back at forest, he must be worse than the entire Chester team, i dont think he tackled, ran or passed it to a norwich player all afternoon

henderson  4   (just because of his effort, you cant critisisise that but he was having a nighmare so why wasnt he subbed

Robinson    0  (WHO, Did he play?, I didn''t see him touch it)

Etuhu         6   (the only one who looked like doing anything)

Ashton      5   (no goals, no confidence, no support, no good crosses for him, no ashton from January, NO NOTHING,

Thorne      5   (didn''t get the ball)

Mcveigh   6   (looked livelier than most, Why didn''t he start)

NW         2   (let down by the players, but no imagination, no ideas, etc etc No nothing)

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i cant believe that Colin is getting 0 and robinson Higher.. he was atrocious!

i didnt even realise he had finished the game still on the field! he was non existant and at Least Colin made an effort.

jas :)

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Dire stuff.

Makes me laugh when other fans always refer to norwich as a "good passing team" ~ when was this?! 1993

Long ball to Ashton, who isn''t a target man. Absolutely no creativity. Can anyone see us winning another away game this season!?

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no he didnt NC.. he took a free kick in the 2nd half which he punted straight into a derby players legs

 Thorne was replaced at half time, he had our only real chance too...

jas :)

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