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Take Your pick from this lot?

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Well now that we are all in the process of looking for a new manager. I thought that I would conduct a list of the possibles from my eyes:

Burley: Would be ideal for the job. High profile, well respected and would get right up the binners noses if he got us promoted via the play-offs.

Redknapp: I feel that he could do a good job here this season, but would probably not be in the job for the long term.

Bassett: Has an excellent record in this league! he has got promoted 8 times out of the 10 he has been in it. He has sent his CV to Southampton so is looking for a job at this level. He could definately get the players motivated but would we like the style of football?

Holloway: I like him he is always on Soccer AM! Certainly holds more interesting press conferences than our current manager. Would be a good guy to have around if he got the results. I like him!

Newell: Not that sure about him. I feel that Luton will fall after christmas anyway, they could''nt even beat us!

Williams: Apparently has a good rep and would be the cheapest. But does he not already work within the Worthy Regime?

Souness: Could be looking for a job by the time our board make a decision!

O''Leary: As Above!

Robson: There were rumours that he could''nt even remember the players names at newcastle in his old age! He loves the binners.

Adams: Certainly knows how the fans feel! I feel that he could motivate the players, but would he give you his opinion in a press conference?

Anyway out of all the above I like Ian Holloway, I think he is a great character and would suit the club! I also like Burley and would be happy with either. I feel that we will probably get Bassett next season to get us out of Division 1 though. Did Norwich not win the FA Cup with a man named MIKE BASSETT?



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