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Rudolph Hucker

How to protest!

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Do you remember the poisonous atmosphere at the ground at the end of the Chase era?

I am surprised Neil Adams hasn''t referred to it. I also recall he was pushed into centre midfield at the time in a team lacking quality in certain positions.

The Club-Supporter axis was smashed. The current Management has always sought to repair and develop it.

I hope we do not get drawn into another similar scenario. The damage would take a long time to repair.

Since the Chase times season ticket sales have more than doubled. This bedrock of income has surely to be protected.

I seem to recall (correct me if I am wrong) that faced with a similar situation Celtic fans responded decisively and in number by boycotting one match.

The result was an instant decision by the board. What we had under Chase were crowd figures no-one believed and a slow painful death.

I would never advocate anything to hurt my club financially but I am now torn between the short sharp approach and the lingering decline, plus they have my money already. It seems much better than a few hotheads fighting with the police and poisonous chants directed at a few hapless individuals while the team are trying to play.

Infact, I would happily leave at half time once I had purchased my cup of tea and pie or even stay in the bar.

If you are thinking of protesting how about a quiet, peaceful protest which maintains our dignity, doesn''t put others at risk and which ultimately leaves us with nothing unseemly to regret.

If there were a petition run by the Pink Un this could be a stated intention or otherwise. If you cannot back your feelings with positive (and peaceful) actions then you have no business calling the Board indecisive.


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Rudolph, yes I remember the Chase Out times only too well and have the battle scars to prove it.  It is now ten years since those days, and times have moved on.  What we had then was a man who was hell bent on running the club his way and sod those who thought otherwise, now we have a team of people running our club for us, they do listen, but choose to act in a way some of us just can''t fathom, but for all of that, they are acting in their way for the right reasons.

I happen to think they are wrong and that their actions (or lack of them) concerning Nigel and his team are making life extremely difficult for us to do anything at all with this season.  We have now reached a point where a lot of us want the management team out.  We have the internet now, which we didn''t have in Chase days and the support for Chase (and there was some at that time, incredibly) made themselves known on match days, as did us, the Chase Out group. 

I will do whatever is necessary to get my thoughts across to the board.  I don''t have the same feelings towards them as I did towards Chase and his feeble cronies.  But I do want our club to prosper and think at the moment they are misguided in their support of Worthington.  Chase held forums, as do the present board, but his public outings were vastly different.  Remember he even got rid of an independent radio station and started up Radio Canary aka Chase.  His pre-match utterings were just what we needed before standing outside the ground ready to be charged by police on horseback. I don''t want any of that ever again, but I will find it difficult not to voice my opinions after (not during) the match against Southampton.  I have reached the point where I cannot sit back any longer hoping for action from the board and sit watching this sorry team of ours failing dismally on the field.

I will write to the board, put across my views on here, sign petitions etc, but on a matchday I might just get angry enough to leave before the end (something I have never done before) if it''s part of an organised protest.  I will, if necessary stand outside the ground making my feelings known too.  There is only so much we can take after all. 

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