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Doomcaster and EDP's Balls spotted together last night

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DD, yes, Richard Balls is probably closer to the mark than Waghorn or the EDP team, but then again, he doesn''t have to get the interviews in, does he?  Still, lucky him.  I don''t know how many more times we can hear the same tired old cliches trotted out everyweek. 

It would be refreshing to hear what Waghorn et al really think, but then again, they are writing on behalf of the local paper which has to keep things sweet with the powers that be. 

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Firstly, I take issue with Richard ''crystal'' Balls being right 9 times

out of 10! Didn''t he tell us last week that Worthy had a 5 year

contract? He has the luxury of being able to make controversial

statements without having to back them up (the club are too worried

about more negative reporting to get upset about it).

Secondly, King Juan, what were you drinking last night? I''m just

wondering if it was me that served you? Yes, I am that barman! (At

least I can confirm I saw them together!) Ssshhhhhh! It''s a secret


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