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Rudolph Hucker

Have you turned out when tired, sick or injured?

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How many of you have turned out for Norwich when you were sick or injured.

I once got off my sick bed (flu) to cross London on the tube and watch City at Orient in the middle of winter.

I have been at a home match Vs Chelsea and had to leave the River End stand to throw up next to the Youth Team mini bus. It had nothing to do with the game on that occasion, I had bravely put myself second to support my team when I was poorly. Russell Allison (rest his soul) threw some sand over the offending puddle.

Touch wood I have had no breaks but have attended after surgery and with various muscle strains and I did turn out one Christmas with mumps.

I know this sounds a bit selfish in a ''if we get bird flu crowd gatherings will be cancelled'' type way but I have probably caught a few things from grounds too and you can''t wrap supporters up in cotton wool.

And don''t talk to me about bloody tired. I have been to games so shagged out my eyes could hardly focus.

So, after the whinges of our namby pamby players (who read these boards) let them know what you, as a fan have been through for them.

PS. I still go to watch Norwich but none of them came to see me when I was bad!!!


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