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Stop it now!

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I''m sure we only buy new players for their ability to offer printable rubbish.....

Another day, another load of bile from the camp at Colney. This time Mr Robinson speaks his mind. He revealed yesterday that the chance to work with the City boss was a major factor in his arrival…that he was teaming up with one of the best (managers) in the business.


He said "My immediate impression is that there is a real togetherness about them to go with the quality.” "When I arrived I looked around the changing room and it is a fantastic squad. The quality around there is frightening to be honest”

The fire-power that Norwich have got is scary and is probably the best in this league. We have just got to get everything together.


This stuff is doing my head in, who actually thought it was a good idea to release this stuff ???


Does anyone actually feel better for reading this stuff?


Keep your mouths shut, concentrate on your own games, and get three points. Do that week in and week out then blow each others horns, but not now.



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I''m sure robbo and worthy will get on like a house on fire, he''s a no

nonsense player who''ll run all day -  ''good work rate'' in

worthy-speak. He''s gotta be impressed by the facilities and the quality

squad we''ve got and is full of optimism - he''s just excited to be here.

However, alot of our quality plaeyrs are perfoming below average.

something is wrong at the club, many will saqy worthy, but we didn''t

play football at millwall, and rallied to draw against coventry that

was greeted as if it was a victory. Hopefully, a strong midfield will

protect our defence and give our 2 ''natural goalscorers'' some

confidence to put the ball in the back of the net. Hopefully robbo can

ignite our season, but if we lose the next 2 games, its mid table

obscurity which will be poor for such a talented squad.

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Rossi, you don''t have to read it, and even less believe it, I just read them for their comedy value now.  Better than any comedy show on TV, well done PR team for proving that someone does do something at FCR (sorry, forget the fortress bit).

Robinson is clearly impressed, so we can only wonder how bad Sunderland was.  Wonder if he can make a difference where most others haven''t.  Only time will tell.   

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