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still holding out for new heroes

Jarrett has nothing to prove

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i must say that I cant remember reading that he wasnt given a fair chance, though.... i agree it was another quality statement to come from  the lips of a canary. i hope that he plays well for them, then we might find some other mug to offload him onto.

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Jarrett looked ok against milan, then was on bench against coventry

until 85th minute, even though hughes wasn''t match fit and tired in the

second half as did charlton - coventry ran rings round hughes &

charlton, equalised and then looked the most likely team to score a

second. How would you feel sitting on the bench until the 85th minute

with a poor looking hughes & charlton (a defender) playing there?

Before coventry equalised, I was screaming at worthy to sub charlton

and bring on jarrett.  After that, jarrett on bench, worthy said

his fitness levels weren''t good enough, even though Jarrett said he was

used to high tempo training at wigan. I saw him against Northhampton in

cc, looked rubbish - very short of confidence. Had his best game

against cardiff, then didn''t want to know against wolves as did the

rest of the ''spineless'' team. So yeah, I''d have to agree with Jarrett,

he didn''t have much of a chance to show his true form for city -

hopefully he''ll play blinders for plymouth, and either return or more

likely be sold in the jan window for £500,000. to £1m.

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Jarrett had plenty of opportunities here. He shouldnt have been brought to the club in the first place. I saw him playing for the reserves and he was shocking, against a bunch of kids. Even missed a late penalty. He has nothing to bring to the party. £500,000 to £1M ?? No chance. Free transfer and weve done some good business getting rid quickly.  

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