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The consistency of Mr. Worthington

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By now we can see how the Manager''s mind works - he likes players of

limited skills, but with commitment and willingness to work hard.

Robinson seems to be another in this mould - defensive but committed.

It  is doubtful if we shall see much creativity from him. He''s

there to be a buffer in front of the back four.

But if Robinson is bought in to cover for Safri, breaking the player

budget to help the Manager in his difficulty according to Carrow Road,

had the Manager not foreseen the absence of Safri or had he falsely

assumed that his other signings in the summer would be more than

adequate? Whatever the reason, it seems to suggest panic. The abundance

of resources was not as abudnant as he thought. We told you so!

It also looks a signing with no long term contribution, although the

two clubs seem to be talking about a transfer after the loan period.

The acquisition gives no sign of team building, merely an addition to

the squad which we knew  in August was short in number and quality.

Ashton and company up front are too responsible to give their views,

but they must have been hoping for someone with creativity, someone who

could supply accurate passes on the ground. Ah, well!

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Not sure about Robinson, but it''s not really fair to say Worthington hasn''t tried to bring in players of quality and skill regardless or work ethic. I''m thinking Huckerby, McVeigh, Rivers and Bentley as a start. There are many posts about Hucks'' lack of work rate and tracking back, which he is poor at, granted, but we can''t have it all ways at all times. The problem with all these "flair" players is when the going gets tough, they seem to hide which is presumably part of the reason W likes his work horses.

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