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conditions for the employment of footballers

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What is the criteria for signing a footballer, and ascertaining a targeted assessment by which we can judge him as a suitable candidate for a club, and which we as employers judge him fit to do the job. Criteria must be in place, so that an employer can say, these are the minimum standards that you, the footballer, when fit are expected to perform to, both on the training ground, and when called upon to play in any match for the club, that employs you. This includes all aspects of ball skills. Fitness levels etc. If your effort at attaining these levels of competence do not succeed, then you will be guilty of a breech of contract and can be dismissed without redress or compensation. The most important aspect of your duties as a footballer at this club is that you have the built-in quality of self-motivation. Any other employee has standards of skills and expertise that is required of them. Why should a footballer be any different? Zip it! [:#]

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