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I know everyone haters Nigel Worthingto beyond belief, but i think the problem is also with the coaching staff. I am not saying Worthy isnt to blame because he is just as much to blame as the coaching staff. But there seems a lot of problems with the team training.

Firstly, we seem to get around 1 injured player per week. It is so frustrating and totally unecessary

Secondly, Set Pieces - i cannot remember the last free kick we scored (was it Mulryne or Nedergaard?). WE dont look threatening at all with a free kick, it will always go straight to the keeper or miss the goal completely. And corners are pretty useless too, so many do not clear the first defender, what is the point. Surely somebody can teach them to take free kicks, corners and even Penalties which have been just as useless. Goal kicks aswel, why does Green always hoof it up the pitch. It is much more succesful to build up and attack from the back, and if you hoof it you dont know if your team will get it, and usually we just give away possesion. We need to pass it up the pitch.

Thirdly, generally, the team just doesnt seem to actually know what to do with the ball. They need to practice various scenarios - when to get men forward, when to let them sit back, where to make runs. WE seem to just give the ball to Hucks and expect some Maradona finish, or give it to Ashton on the wing, why is he going there. The team shows no tactics. What do they do at training apart from run round cones?

It needs sorting, perhaps getting rid of Worthy, but i still think the coaching staff arent doing anything.

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