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Graham Paddons Beard

Paul Lambert ... an interesting read

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I was idly googling Lambert , as I was chastised by an ITFC supporting chum who told me I was incorrect in my assumption that PL had been sacked from the last four of his jobs. I may have been wrong. It seems that PL left Blackburn by his own volition after "triggering an escape clause" in his contract.

Reading some of this article , written in May 2016, it all sounds amazingly familiar. A club facing a drop in income . A club that has been great "since the day I've (PL) walked in the door"  .

Then he goes to Wolves


where mention is made of a "Rift."

After Wolves, came Stoke. 


Again it looks as though he was "seeking assurances" - he quite likes these assurances even after he won only 2 out of 15 games.

After the latest Binners result he said this

“We need a little bit of help in January, I think everybody recognises that. Let’s see what happens from there on in"


Could it be that Lambert has started the process already - "I left because I didn't get the "assurances/money"


If nothing else he has scored a huge 10/10 for his PR  so far.

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From those articles it does seem as if he has jumped just as the train was coming off the rails.

I wish him well at poorman road. He is still in the honeymoon period but I can only wonder how long that will last once he comes up against Evans parsimonious ways.

I doubt if Evans will want to commit to any long term contracts given the paupers could take a £7m hit if they are relegated. So I expect to see one or more of the high earners moving on so as to free up money to pay for short term loans. Experienced old hands from the Championship would look most likely.

But woe betide him if he has not shown any improvement on a seven point gap at the bottom of the table.

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