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Rudolph Hucker

The post transfer window starting eleven!

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Anyone else seen this on footballrumours.com

Norwich will have a a clear out in January and start to plan for a promotion challenge next year. Out will be;

Green - Wigan - 4million
Jean - Plymouth - 100k
Drury - Sunderland - 1million
Doherty - Everton - 2million
Fleming - Oldham - Free
Huckerby - Sunderland - 1million
Jarrett - Plymouth - 250k
Safri - Feyenoord - 1million
Ashton - Man City - 7million
Thorne - Cardiff - Free

In will be,

Camp - Derby - 1million
Halls - Stoke - 500k
Ricketts - Swansea - 700k
Baptiste - Mansfield - 500k
Birchall - Port Vale - 700k
Vaughan - Crewe - 1million
Osmon - Everton - 1million
Robinson - Sunderland - 500k
Halford - Colchester - 1million
Mcsheffry - Coventry - 1million

The starting 11 when fit will be;


Halls Baptiste Shackell Ricketts

Birchall Osmon Robinson Vaughan

Halford Mcsheffry

I thought we were just buying Lee Trundle. Does anyone know if there is a right winger amoungst this lot

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I think your sales values are just a tad on the high side - who''s going to pay £4m for Green, £2m for Doherty and £7m for Ashton.

And a million for Drury, Safiri and Huckerby ? - absolutely no way

Nobody has that sort of money to squander on decidedly average players -

Green, once a good propspect but probably not as good as everyone thought.

Doherty - at best a capable Championship player, and that''s being generous.

Ashton - a striker who doesn''t strike often enough.

Drury - good Championship player at best but not worth anywhere near a million.

Safri - only ever plays half a season - extremley bad value for money.

Hucks - too risky for anyone to spend that sort of dough

Divide everything by 3 or 4 for a more realstic valuations.


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it doesn''t matter about them prices as we all know that will never

happen. we wont have a completely new team. we most likely will have

atleast 5/6 players from our line up against coventry at the start of

next season, if/when we dont go up.

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As I said at the start of the thread this is from ''football rumours.com'' and the main reason I posted it was because it contained some players of potential interest. Have a look at the respective club sites. These are all young players who other clubs are taking an interest in. A few names thrown into the hat.

Lighten up.

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