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since Ful..Ful...Fulh (cant bring myself to say it) I watched MOTD on Saturday, and I suddenly realised my worst fears....I am Premiership sick. I know the breaks for international games where a pain in the posteria, but some of the football being played is in a different world compared to some of the stuff we are currently playing - and thats just from the ''new boys.''

I know there were loads of people this time last season wanted the Championship back, but I bet there are not that many that are glad we fell from the land of milk and honey now.

I watched the Norwich v Man USA fixture to remind myself that we did actually play and beat them, it just seems so long ago.

We fell from the top flight with the same dignity as a catwalk model who slips over, and haven''t been able to hold our heads up since.

Does anyone like being back in the fizzy, or do you all prefer the land of the ''magpie'' agents and players that are only interested in their financial well being and not show loyalty to the club ?[&]

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