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Jerzy Krukowski

3000 fools

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Were superb today, got behind the team and watched an enjoyable match

(apart from the first 10 mins)  IMO it was a pretty good

performance all round. Creativity in the final 3rd was lacking, but we

created a good number of chances. Everyone was up for the fight but as

a team played with a certain lack of confidence as would be expected. I

know this sounds like Worthy, but the passing was good too. Save for a

couple of slips in the 1st 10mins that cost us, and a lack of closing

down and battling early on, City looked a decent championship side that

should be challenging for promotion.

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Just listern to yourself  SPat, Coventry, no win in how many games (10?) and where were they in the league?, and we go 2-0 down in ten minutes,and still couldn''t beat, like Millwall, an appalling side.

You really need to wake up and smell the coffee friend!.

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I didn''t go to get some kind of badge of honour, to have a good day and

hopefully see a good result. The result could have been better, but we

were not rubbish apart from being asleep and slightly unfortunate for

both the first goalsl. I''m sorry Wiz, but I just don''t buy the complete

doom and gloom that you dish out. We played some good attractive,

passing football at times. There was still too much humping it up

towards Ashton; Thorne and Henderson looked tired in the second half,

but I think the only thing really missing was confidence. We created

loads of chances and that is pretty much all a manager can expect from

his team. A very significant aspect of the day too, was that only for

one brief period did anyone sing an anti-Worthy song and it fizzled out

very quickly. Make of that what you will.

In terms of balance when Hucks went off, it was probably slightly

better. But we were chasing the game, Hughes went off too so tactics

inevitably changed.

It may not be what some of you want to hear, but I thought we should

and could have won and I will never ever go to a game and want us to


I think you should wake up and smell the coffee Wiz and your cronies,

it''s a fine line between success and failure in football. There are

clearly some deficiencies at the club, perhaps NW, too many journeymen,

not good enough training maybe, but we will not go down playing like

yesterday and with that kind of performance are quite capable of making

the playoffs IMO.

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If the lino had a clear view of Wly''s header crossing the line then we would have won 3-2 and everyone would be saying what a great comeback it was and how we''re turning the corner.

I was truly impressed with our second half performance yesterday and despite how bad the first 10 minutes were, I take comfort in watching the best 45 minutes Norwich City have played all season. Now all we need to do is carry on where we left off

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Make the play offs , Spat? As you say, "wake up and smell the coffee"! If the team makes the top half of the table with the current manager, it will have done well.

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[quote user="SPat"]If we play like we did for the last 80 mins of Cov in every match, I firmly believe we could and would make the playoffs.

My point is: this was against a team in deep do do''s SPat. Not Reading, Sheffield Utd or Wolves.....Coventry, no wins in 10 and 2nd from bottom.......and City still couldn''t win, yes?.

Delia and Worthy love undemanding souls like you, they can do what they bloody well like and you''ll just clap away like demented seals!.

Oh and King, whether I went or not is irrelevant, I didn''t by the way, as you well know!. Too much sense I guess, plus Yuletide expenses take precidence over arrogant Smithy/ Worthy errors!.[:P]

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I know the table doesn''t lie but it seems to me that on any given day there are no outstanding teams in this division, there have been only two consistent teams in this division and yet there are no easy games in this division.

A draw at Coventry requires nothing more than a draw at Reading. Our performances at home against Reading and Leeds yielded only one point but were the two best I have seen from us with the exception of the finishing.

In promotion terms an away draw is only really beneficial if you are winning all your home matches. In the premier a draw is a good result if you are looking to avoid relegation. The Championship is all about wins.

In other aspects though saturdays result is something to build on, we have failed to build on results all season but I do feel this might now change.

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