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Rudolph Hucker

Worthy is no quitter.

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Worthington’s not wobbling

Saw Mick McCarthy''s interview on MOTD. Lots of colourful language, again; plenty of slagging off his players publicly, again; plenty of apologising to the supporters, again.

Trouble is he can''t keep saying it, again. He has run out of things to say. He has apparently run out of real explanations and has probably run out of time.

After the Wolves match Worthy gave his usual inept interview and properly did a bit of public criticising of his players. He rarely does so and it carried more weight.

Worthy is a phlegmatic character prone to the odd cliche and this winds up his critics. But he does not sound like McCarthy: defeated.

When Norwich were struggling in the Prem he refused to make excuses or let his head drop.

We are all entitled to criticise some of his decisions, and he is a public figure so is, within the boundaries of his profession, entitled to expect our criticism.

But while we have a group of players failing to produce it is important that the manager receives the backing of the supporters to endorse his mandate as they need to be assured of his authority.

Don''t undermine Worthy. Look at McCarthy and Moyes: who does he most resemble in attitude and who is most likely to turn around a failing team?

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This is a very valid point. I am undecided on the Worthy in or out debate. I do think that he has made some shockingly poor selections at points but am a bit wary of what we might end up with if we got rid of him, particularly as I think the last few performances (despite results, and I know a lot of people will think I''m naive for saying so) have been a step in the right direction. Anyway that aside, he certainly compares favourably with the attitude of McCarthy who, as you say, seems to have accepted that he is beaten and its not even December yet. That is the sort of attitude that does make failure inevitable.

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"Always keep a hold on nurse, for fear of getting someone worse"

Surely we have seen enough over a season and a half to judge that

something must change." This does not necessarily mean that the Manager

must change, but something must. We have had bad decisions on player

purchases, some of whom have cost us to purchase their contracts, as

evidenced by the "flop" of many of the recent signings, full time and

loan. We have had poor selections and strange substitutions. We have

seen little evidence of sublety in tactics.

So what can be done, if the majority shaeholders are determined to soldier on with the present manager?

- Some new ideas, - a director of football (-Dave Williams?), a

consultant?, - to improve the basic skills of some players who seem to

be unable to control the ball quickly, pass to a colleague or run into

space to receive the ball. Above all learn to use our assets, e.g.

improving the service to Ashton! What is implied here, of course, is

removing some of the decisions/responsibility from Worthy.

- outlay on new, better players - promotion was produced by the

energising appearance of Hux. There is clearly a loss in conficdence,

and perhaps the arrival of someone like Sidwell or Koumas could just be

the catalyst that is required. Hard working artisans with good motors

are no substitute for players who can make things happen. What is

implied here is spending some money. It is encouraging to read that the

Club are, or soon will be, talking to Spurs about a possible return of


The argument that if we change tack we may be in worse trouble is a

feeble one, and comes from fear. The evidence since the summer of 2004

is that with a few exceptions we have not played winning football, and

we have not played with any consistency. To change nothing, and merely

to rely for excuses on bad luck, injuries, refereeing decisions, is

really the ostrich head in sand outlook.

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You''re right, he is no quitter, and he''s no whinger. He doesn''t complain endlessly about the referee, or about lack of resources. But what he''s paying for now IMO is our abject performance last season, when it seemed as if we went into the Premiership with the actual intention of coming straight back down. We didn''t put up enough of a fight, and if we had done I think supporters would have cut him more slack this season. After all, the team hasn''t pulled up any trees this year, but we''re not in the danger zone. Really, last season showed up his relative lack of experience, certainly at Premiership level, and I think he''s learning all the time.

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I actually thought Mc Carthy''s interview was real and up front - he

made no excuses and didn''t try to hide, he just explained his team

lacked quality and  couldn''t respond when they went a goal

behind.  Of course he has to apologise to the sunderland fans,

because they vocalise their discontent more easily than tolerant city

fans. He''s also had no money to spend, certainly less than nigel did.

I think worthy knows he was found wanting in the prem last year and so

said ''no excuses'' at the start of this campaign.  Unfortunately

for him, IMO he''s carried on from last season and made mistakes a

plenty.  The bottom line is he hasn''t got a strong squad (on

paper) playing to at least the level of their ability - else we''d be in

the play-off positions.  He''s certainly a fighter,  and I''d

like to think he could recreate former glories, but I''m not sure if he


The problem for city is, we''ve only got this season and next to go back

up, because after that we couldn''t afford the quality players we''ve got


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No hes no quitter , mores the pity and worse still he probably believes the garbage he comes out with about plugging away and turning it round . I just wonder if in a fairytale world some top team wanted him as their new manager he would be so keen to stay at City , but he knows like most of us if he lost his job here the best he would be looking at is League one or two or unemployment so its no wonder he is preaching on about stability , best for Mr Worthington  no doubt , best for Norwich City ? only if we want to remain as bad as we are now.

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