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No Reason!

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Worthless, to put it blunly has no reason to succeed, with a get rich quick contract given to him by our gullible and gutless board,  why on earth should he?.

We''re now in a worse position then we were, when he took over, what kind of board in the footy world would tolerate that level of under achivement?.

Oh, the Dickies of the world will call me stupid............again, but the fact remains Millwall, bottom of the league with no home wins beat a spineless, and disorganised team called Norwich last night. Cling to a turned downed penalty if you must, but we were, yet again, awful.

WorthlessWorthy has to go, he destroyed Blackpool according to their fans on other City websites today, and he''s slowly destroying us too, while Empress Delia fiddels blindly along oblivious to the destruction he causes!.

Prove I''m wrong.

You can''t can you?.

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Enough of us have been worried for plenty long enough.

There is no longer any way anybody can argue, these are now FACTS, not opinions:

1. We are MASSIVELY underachieving, we do have good players but we are nowhere near being a team.

2. The injuries excuse is no longer (even if it ever were) valid, Millwall had more players than us out and still beat us.

3. Worthy HAS lost the dressing room - despite the constant stream of players wheeled out over the last few weeks to say good things, the facts (ie results) prove otherwise.

4. We have taken a Premiership-class striker and we are slowly but surely eroding his ability and confidence. His goals record for us this season versus his goals record during his career before Norwich is the evidence of that.

5. The KTFers wanted to give him 10 games, then 15, then until we had a fit squad etc etc - there has been no improvement and there are absolutely no grounds to believe there will be.


Worthy and his coaching team must be got rid of as soon as possible. I honestly still believe that if a new manager came in quickly we could still challenge for a play-off place - this league is that bad, it is the lowest quality it has been for some time. The fact that Reading and Sheff Utd are so far clear when they are no more than reasonable hard-working Div 1 teams shows the overall quality of the league (and I mean no disrespect to those two teams  - you can only beat what is put in front of you). If we were to make the playoffs, anything is possible..................... however, I feel a long winter with one win every three or four games is far more likely.


Mark .Y.


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