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has anyone read these off the front page of the pinkun site?

 I have been casting my eye over, and whilst some of the questions have been answered in the way we probably expected with the answers we knew we''d here i do feel one or 2 have been avoided or answered in a round about way....

 The question that interests me the most is this one : -

"Are the manager and his coaching staff at any time given a review of their performance or taken to task by members of the board over decisions on the pitch which some supporters disagree with?"

Munby replies with the following answer:-

"The performance of the manager and the coaching staff - and indeed all staff at Carrow Road and Colney - is constantly reviewed. Decisions on the pitch which may appear inexplicable to supporters are usually based on facts which may not be apparent. Whenever the club can explain these facts it tries to do so. When it might be damaging for the club to explain the facts, it cannot."

My point is that this is an attempt to perhaps try and deflect criticism away from Nigel, perhaps when going for it to try and rescue something out of the game. I still remember the Sheffield Wednesday game clearly, when Colin is taken off and replaced by Craig Fleming, we then find Peter Thorne on the right wing.. where he lacks pace, skill and trickery due to the fact hes a center forward.

 What gets me is that although Colin might be a right back, as indeed was Louis Jean, who was also on the bench, they get forward to support the attack, sometimes in football, if you dont have the subs, u might need to play someone slightly out of position. So why did he put thorne out wide and not play either Clon or Louis Jean on the wing? as i said they might be full backs, but a full back who gets forward is expected to cross the ball, and with a bit of pace might enjoy getting past a player and creating an opening.

 Im not a football manager, and this was just one of many decisions which i did indeed find "inexplicable". Munby says that it cannot explain certain facts as it might be damaging to the club then Wonders where these rumours come from... Well i wonder just what Louis Jean has done wrong? has he stood up to worthy? has Colin been caught in a situation he shouldnt of been in?

 Is playing players out of position every week due to the fact that these "inexplicable" things are going on at Colney that we mustnt know about? or is it just that the manager has made a mistake, yet again, and needs to be wrapped up in cotton wool...?

Another question that i found worrying was this.... : -

"Has the club budgeted for the worst case scenario of a second successive relegation?

Munby mentions that we are budgeting for a mid table championship finish... given our current situation thats looking extremely unlikely, just how will this affect the clubs finances if we are hugley under budget come May? we will of course get a 2nd year of parachute Payment from the premiership but how much of this will we actually receive and how much will be used to keep the wolves from the door. Relegation will have HUGE, perhaps almost crippling, implications for the club. Which is why, given the situation and how it might look in January. The financial forecast could dictate the selling of Ashton and greeno, plaus a clearout of anyone else, rendering us with an extremely poor squad and minimal, if any cover, elsewhere.

one final thing i saw that i was worried about was this : -

"The accounts suggest that in 2008 the club is due to pay back about £3m in loans. Will this have an effect on squad strengthening and transfer funds?"

Munby Replies

"Not necessarily. The £3m relates to the loan taken for the purchase of land to the rear of the Jarrold Stand. The club plans to sell this land off to recoup this figure and generate long-term sustainable income for Norwich City. If a sale does not take place in this time, another loan can be taken out to cover this. The club is run so Nigel and his team have the most money possible available to them for team strengthening."

Im guessing this is the car park land? Shouldnt we be looking to make some sort of money out of this? I have always wondered why we dont do away with car park season tickets and charge on a first come first served basis for parking, it would make a little cash available to the club, which is of course a good thing.

 However, my point for the above questions is, We already have taken out at least 2 largely sizeable loans, admittedly these are to be paid off over the long term, but would a 3rd one be a good idear? surely if we do drop a division then no ones going to want to risk taking the loan out, yet if we dont get the buyer for the land then we are missing out on huge amounts of revenue and vital funds which could be needed to keep the club afloat. Does the board have a contigency plan for this?

 One question i would of liked to ask the board is, If Holiday Inn pull out of the Hotel once it has been constructed, we are going to be left with an empty shell of a building, which isnt really ours in the first place, just what will the club do with this? im guessing we would be held liable for rates etc as its part of the stadium? would the club take over and run the hotel itself? I like this idear rather than relying on an outside business.. such as holiday inn.. in Business when things are rosy then everyones happy, however when things are bad the ones left holding the baby are usually the ones who end up in some kind of difficulty.

jas :)


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