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Rudolph Hucker

Chants would be a fine thing

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There are some truly toe curling efforts at chant writing on the sister board mainly based around a players name. Players have to write their own legends and it is difficult to build a chant until they have done so.

Mckenzie was an early exception but the song is all about his deeds and not his name.

Mcveigh gets a song based around his physical characteristics.

Huckerby got Bellamy''s old song as a fellow fast forward.

Mackay earned a version of McKenzie''s for similar acts.

Safri has a song based on his nationality.

I wish the one about Matty Svensson to the Flintstones tune had caught on.

So let''s have some chants based on our players characters, characteristics, antecedents and actions and not just their names otherwise it all sounds too vacuous.

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