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It's nothing personal

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Regardless of whether he stays or goes we all want the same end result, I want Norwich,my team, to win.

I want my team to beat the teams that are not as good as them.

I want my team to occassionally thump the opposition and play them off the park.

I do not expect miracles but I know we are as good as and a lot better than most teams in this division.

I personally currently feel that Worthy is underperforming as are some of the team, I am of the opinion that he should go as, at this moment in time, I feel that is best for my team. In reality though I don''t care whether that individual stays and turns it round to get us where we all know we should be, or he goes and someone else does it. I want the end result- I want someone to do it.

The point I am making is that for me it is not personal against individuals but against the situation that we are in as individuals. Only the individual can decide if things are personal. We all have the right to voice opinion and if they seem critical or not they are still only opinions.

It is true that we must all unite as a team, but to do so most effectively all team members must perform and if it isn''t working it is because some are not trying as hard as they might or the team is wrong. You make your own luck in life.

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