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Balham Yellow

Mind boggling - "We've only played one bad game"

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If, as reported on another thread, Worthington feels we''ve only played badly once this season then what else do you need to know.

We haven''t played well for 90 mins once this season as far as I''m concerned.  The standards and expectations set seem ludicrously low.

After the Birmingham game, we were apparently back to the way we have performed 99% of the time over the last five years (which presumably is something he is happy with) - this being a period in which we''ve won 11 games out of 55 and failed to win away all season.

How are things going to improve when those at the helm don''t even recognise there is a problem?

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Things will not go unless the Manager goes, let''s face that. If he does go, it will take something drastic - perhaps another 6 - 0 hammering on the final day of the season and a spell in League one following that?

I''m actually bewildered that people who are running this football club have recognised the plethora of problems we have, which 25,000 odd fans who pack into Carrow Road have worked out.

Our standards, like you say, have been low all season - so what did the board think when we were 4 - 0 down at h/t at Luton? They were probably content.

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You know I thought I read that quote when I posted this morning but it was so outlandish that I decided to check the quote then couldn find it and thought I had imagined the whole piece!

It is that sort of inane ludicrous head in the sands comment that encourages fans to think that Worthy HAS lost the plot.  If he genuinely thinks that there has only been 1 then why do we keep going back to basics?  If he thinks that then can he not see the faults, to be able to put them right?

A bit of honesty is all we need - there have been numerous bad games and it will not just a little luck and lot of shouting from the fans to turn things around.


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yes worthy, we have played one bad game, and lost 8......


im sure he means, the opposition only played bad once (we still lost......)

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Balham: "After the Birmingham game, we were apparently back to the way we have performed 99% of the time over the last five years (which presumably is something he is happy with) - this being a period in which we''ve won 11 games out of 55 and failed to win away all season."

I think you''ll find that the stats ''over the last 5 years'' are not those. Can anybody explain why the benchmark for form is now ''the last 55 games''. Seems an odd number to me... unless you''re using that stat just to back up your argument? Plus, I must have dreamt the away wins at Ipswich and Brighton then!

Can we start using ''the last 100 games'' or something, just to give it a different perspective? Or the last 8 games, as is more normal. And I agree, over the last 8 games we have been rubbish.

Following on... whoever said the Board have their heads in the sand must themselves have their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears singing ''la la la''. The Board/Delia etc. have said on numerous occasions that they are not happy with the results. I don''t think anyone disagrees that the results are appalling.

We, the manager, the Board, etc. just all have different opinions on what we do about it. Some fans say make the manager a scapegoat and sack him. Others say support the team and give him a chance to dig us out of this mess, even if he did create it.

By all means let''s have this debate, but please don''t suggest that just because I disagree with how to resolve the problem means I don''t think there is a problem.

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Do you worst folks!!

League Championship Bradford 2-2 Norwich 09-08-2003
English League Cup Northampton 1-0 Norwich 12-08-2003
League Championship Norwich 2-0 Rotherham 16-08-2003
League Championship Sheff Utd 1-0 Norwich 23-08-2003
League Championship Norwich 3-2 Milton Keynes 26-08-2003
League Championship Nottm Forest 2-0 Norwich 30-08-2003
League Championship Norwich 2-0 Burnley 13-09-2003
League Championship Gillingham 1-2 Norwich 16-09-2003
League Championship Stoke 1-1 Norwich 20-09-2003
League Championship Norwich 2-1 C Palace 27-09-2003
League Championship Norwich 2-1 Reading 30-09-2003
League Championship Wigan 1-1 Norwich 04-10-2003
League Championship West Ham 1-1 Norwich 15-10-2003
League Championship West Brom 1-0 Norwich 18-10-2003
League Championship Norwich 2-1 Derby 21-10-2003
League Championship Norwich 1-0 Sunderland 25-10-2003
League Championship Walsall 1-3 Norwich 01-11-2003
League Championship Norwich 3-1 Millwall 08-11-2003
League Championship Norwich 1-2 Watford 15-11-2003
League Championship Preston 0-0 Norwich 22-11-2003
League Championship Norwich 1-1 Coventry 25-11-2003
League Championship Norwich 1-0 Crewe 29-11-2003
League Championship Millwall 0-0 Norwich 06-12-2003
League Championship Norwich 4-1 Cardiff 13-12-2003
League Championship Ipswich 0-2 Norwich 21-12-2003
League Championship Norwich 1-0 Nottm Forest 26-12-2003
League Championship Derby 0-4 Norwich 28-12-2003
English FA Cup Everton 3-1 Norwich 03-01-2004
League Championship Norwich 0-1 Bradford 10-01-2004
League Championship Rotherham 4-4 Norwich 17-01-2004
League Championship Norwich 1-0 Sheff Utd 31-01-2004
League Championship Milton Keynes 0-1 Norwich 07-02-2004
League Championship Coventry 0-2 Norwich 14-02-2004
League Championship Norwich 1-1 West Ham 21-02-2004
League Championship Norwich 0-0 West Brom 02-03-2004
League Championship Norwich 3-1 Ipswich 07-03-2004
League Championship Cardiff 2-1 Norwich 13-03-2004
League Championship Norwich 3-0 Gillingham 16-03-2004
League Championship C Palace 1-0 Norwich 20-03-2004
League Championship Norwich 1-0 Stoke 27-03-2004
League Championship Burnley 3-5 Norwich 03-04-2004
League Championship Norwich 2-0 Wigan 09-04-2004
League Championship Reading 0-1 Norwich 12-04-2004
League Championship Norwich 5-0 Walsall 17-04-2004
League Championship Watford 1-2 Norwich 24-04-2004
League Championship Norwich 3-2 Preston 01-05-2004
League Championship Sunderland 1-0 Norwich 04-05-2004
League Championship Crewe 1-3 Norwich 09-05-2004
English Premier Norwich 1-1 C Palace 14-08-2004
English Premier Man Utd 2-1 Norwich 21-08-2004
English Premier Newcastle 2-2 Norwich 25-08-2004
English Premier Norwich 1-4 Arsenal 28-08-2004
English Premier Tottenham 0-0 Norwich 12-09-2004
English Premier Norwich 0-0 Aston Villa 18-09-2004
English League Cup Norwich 1-0 Bristol R 21-09-2004
English Premier Liverpool 3-0 Norwich 25-09-2004
English Premier Norwich 2-2 Portsmouth 02-10-2004
English Premier West Brom 0-0 Norwich 16-10-2004
English Premier Norwich 2-3 Everton 23-10-2004
English League Cup Newcastle 2-1 Norwich 27-10-2004
English Premier Man City 1-1 Norwich 01-11-2004
English Premier Norwich 1-1 Blackburn 06-11-2004
English Premier Charlton 4-0 Norwich 13-11-2004
English Premier Norwich 2-1 Southampton 20-11-2004
English Premier Birmingham 1-1 Norwich 27-11-2004
English Premier Norwich 0-1 Fulham 04-12-2004
English Premier Norwich 3-2 Bolton 11-12-2004

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