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Garlic Bread?!

Worthy - Worthy in my eyes

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I can''t believe the amount of anti worthy posts there have been I would just like to say firstly that I do not have a problem with him (at the moment at least). In fact I have more of a problem that hardly any goals are scored (for us) in the Barclay end I sit right behind the goal and last night didn''t even realise that we had scored until I saw the players celebrating and running the length of the pitch so they can be near us, the best fans, not that its hard - are the people in the Norwich and Peterborough stand just cardboard faces painted to make the ground look full? Anyway to sack worthy would cost around £2m that’s 2/3 of deano! (Even if we haven''t scored our own goals in 4 games he is still great) And 1 calum davenport. For me given the choice of getting rid of a manager let alone appointing another - do you really think burley/robson would come to carrow road why don''t we just ask royle? And given the choice of signing a quality centre half who, if playing for us last season, would probably not let of us concede 6 at craven cottage. It would have to be signing davenport. Also in worthy’s defence he must be doing something right do you remember those short corners against hull just 1 example of how he isn’t totally useless. Although it has to be said he doesn''t half go on about work rate does he?! And how we have to "dig in" admittedly he does make football, one of the simplest sports in the world, sound all to complicated. What I would like to see is Iwan Roberts back at city in a coaching role I read that he was doing his UEFA A license. He is the kind of person we could do with when things aren''t going all to well.

I heard the Plymouth and millwall have appointed new managers this season they must be doing so well if a lot of people want us to get a new gaffer but remember they probably took the best ones they could get so if we were to get a new manager it probably wouldn’t be as good as those miracle workers. How are they getting on? Does anybody even know their names?

BTW Hi this is my first post I made an effort spell checked it.

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