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The Seldom Seen Kid...

Head v`s Heart

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I`ve lived and breathed Norwich City for over 30 years, so i`ve seen the good times as well as the bad,

But after Walkers 2nd spell ( never blamed him ) things went from bad to worse.

Then came Worthy.

1st half season, he took us from a team going nowhere ( execpt down ) to a mid table comfort zone.

2nd season we all loved him and made the play offs

3rd season  we were good, but not as good as we all thought we were going to be.

4th season  well it just could`nt have been any better.

5th season we all knew it was going to be hard, but this was the 1st season we really started to question his tactics.

6th season i`m lost for words.

So what i`m trying to say is that even though there has never been a dull moment following Norwich over the years, in the early 90s we had such a good team and were doing so well, that i started to take things for granted, we were a team that most people feared, we were going for the prem title aswell as europe, so when things changed ( still don`t blame Walker for going ) it was pretty hard to take.

I then started to get use to the new level of football we were playing ( crap )and still went to as many games as i could in them dark old days.

So when Worthy became boss and turned things around, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Now i`m not so sure what i want.

My head says its time for a change, a new manager now with different idea`s will get us climbing the table and back to where i think we belong.

But my heart says after all that Worthy has done for this club, we should at least give him time to turn things around.

I must admit i want to follow my heart but i`m worried about a couple of things.

1st  if he dos`nt turn things around come the jan window, will some of our star players want to leave, meaning that the small chance of reaching the play-offs we have now will be out of the window.

2nd if we don`t manage to at least make the play offs, will we be forced to sell our so called star players, if so where will it leave us then ( back to pre Worthy )

I , like all of you never want to go through that again,

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