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Tim Claxton

Norwich City on the road

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In the last season and a third, Norwich have won,away, twice. Yes TWICE. Since Crewe at the end of season 2003/4.

This is with a team that has the England number 3 goalkeeper. The hottest striker in the Championship last season, and other class players, like Hucks, Saf, etc.

So why can we not win away.

Confidence? Tactics? Probably a little of each. But what you miss with Norwich away is that they dont take the game to the opposition. They let the opposition come to them, and defend deep. To play that game you must also be resolute in defence, and quick on the break. Neither of these attributes come to mind.

So why cannot we go out, start like we want to win, and have the others on the back foot.

Well thats sorted the away tactics, now if we could sort the home......

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