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Robert Rosario

Huckerby - unacceptable performances

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I''m sorry but Darren Huckerby needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself whether he has really earned his money this season.  Apart from a 2 game spell coming back from being dropped (Ipswich & Northampton)he has not performed at all this term.  This comes on the back of a spluttering season in the Premier league where he had the perfect opportunity to silence all those doubters who had questioned his premiership pedigree.  Instead we get a player who yesterday was just going through the motions, with no pride or passion, and no determination to change things around for his struggling team.  As one of the senior players its unacceptable, especially when you consider what Worthy had to do to get him in the side in the first place.  There are many areas of the pitch where it is going wrong for us at the moment, but you certainly dont expect one of your senior players with a lot of experience to go missing when the team and the fans need him most.

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