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Northern Canary

What are the club doing about it?

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We seem to be losing match after match and nobody seems to care. We are sliding down the league and noone at the club is showing any signs of doing something about it. This is the worst we have done in many years but nothing is happening. The club is too comfortable. Just like last season, they were fine with getting relegated because it brought stability to the club and we were only "little Norwich" anyway, nobody expected us to stay up. And now we see Wigan and West Ham and it really does become clear how pathetic last season was. We made hardly any realistic attempt at survival, the club seemed to accept relegation before the season even started. There seems to be no ambition at all at this club. Something needs to change but it wont. IMO this season is already over. Yes we are only 6 points or something from the play offs but the manager wont change and its unlikely that we will see many new players.

Basically, we are doing crap and there is no signs of it getting better, so what are the club going to do?

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