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How Can you blame Nigel for that?

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I will admit that only last week, after the Sheffield game that i had decided it was time for nigel to go and maybe it still is. But you cant blame him for that, one again. If you put Jose Mourinho in charge of this bunch of overpaid, useless liabilities who dont give a monkeys then we would still be where we are.

I do feel that nigel has shown a lack of ambition in the transfer market, but the fact is we havent got as much money in the pot as we think. The board won''t risk loads of money on a foreign import such as seoul because were not like it. The board want to spend money on players who have played in england. Who is available for loan, who would want to play for a struggling team situated in the middle of nowhere.

The fact is-

Davenport - will go back to spurs and wont have to suffer the consequences of relegation. Fleming + Charlton, past it and dont want promotion because they would be solf just like Mackay. Jarret - New francis (in terms of attitude) doesn''t care. Green/ashton are thinking only 2 months and i can leave this crap - i certainly would. Brennan - knows promotion andhe would leave.

Also, louis jean, thorne, hughes are no better in fact worse than what we sold. Edworthy - been missed, svenson - would of scored goals,Mulryne / Holt - class / loyalty

We need a clear out in january,

Lous j, charlton, fleming. drop hughes (not good enough),brennan, Jarret, thorne,

You are the weakest links Goodbye

Give Shackell(when fit), hendo, both Jarvis''s a better chance

Sack the players, Not the Boss !

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