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Time for the Clearout to begin!

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I think that most of you would agree that there is a need for the Club to start again as soon as possible. Here are my suggestions; obviously, this might take a year or so to see through:

Worthington / Livermore / Foley - Bereft of ideas. Time for all three to go. Replace with a manager and coach who have credibility, can motivate and coach a passing game! My ideal pairing would be something like Mike Newall and David Williams.

Get rid of the following as fast as possible - Fleming, Jarrett, Hughes, Brennan, Charlton, and Louis-Jean. They are League One players, not this League. Also Greeno - Seems to have lost his enthusiasm since hooking up with England. Replace with Ward and save on his wages.

WLY Paul, Hendo, Ryan Jarvis and Thorne. See how they perform under new management. If they don''t cut the mustard, why pay substantial wages to keep them here?   

Colin - With the right coaching, could become a very good player.

Doherty, Davenport and Drury - again, with belief instilled by a good manager, could go on to be part of a very good back line.

Midfield - See how Marney gets on after his surgery. Safri is a class above, but can we keep him here? Hucks - is his confidence shot, or is he past his sell-by date? Otherwise, we need to buy another three or four midfielders and play them in their correct positions!

Strikers - Ashton and Mckenzie will take apart most defences in the country when fit and confident. If we get the right midfield in to supply them, they might stay here.

The Youngsters - Joe Lewis, Shacks and Rossi Jarvis. have undoubted ability. Play them whenever possible and give them a chance to develop! 

So...lots of dead wood to cut away, but I believe that we''ve got to start again in order to benefit in the long term. Yes, it will take time, good signings and some brave investment by the Board. However, the alternative is many, many years in the wilderness. 

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