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The reason we lost again today...

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... well its obviously the fault of people like you and me who post on website chat forums. The people that pay through the nose to support a club through thick and thin (in these days thin and thinner) travelling hundreds of miles, home and away spending a high percentage of our daily bread, on our beloved Canaries..

I''m surprised we haven''t heard this from our club, but I''ll tell you something, the comments from Worthington at the AGM, and quickly followed up by Doncaster simply shows what a mess our club is in.

If the club were concerned about the so called rumours, why wait so long to quash them? - They''ve been doing the rounds for ages...

When any business tries to wheel out the ''cosy old boy network of support'' and deflect blame onto its customers, its in a real sorry state. This was nothing other than a classic diversionary tactic. It doesn''t work with me.

Board members, managers and players are transient in any club - fans are always there - and fans nearly always get there own way in the end. Remember Hamilton?, Remember Chase? You should, because its going to happen again in 2 weeks time unless these muppets pull their fingers out of their va-va-vooms.

I am now in the firm belief that we need to start completely afresh, its not just time for the manager to go, its time half the squad did too, including some of the star names who I think may just be pulling the others down due to their over inflated ego''s and pay packets. Others are just plainly not good enough.

This is going to be painful for everyone, us included, so lets get it done and move on.

NMTD - Forever Yellow & Green.

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