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What are the board thinking....??

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How long can a rudderless ship continue on its journey.....??

Surely it is time now for the board to ''STAND UP AND BE COUNTED'' and do the right thing for the club and NW....and ask him to resign or sack him.?

With ever pitiful displays and excuses for dire performances this must point to a manager clueless as to what his next actions are apart from spouting on about honesty and work ethic.

If actions are not taken soon our role model of Charlton...who do have a good footballing manager ....will be more like Nottingham Forest with the board then saying we needed to go down to regroup rather than saying that they bottled it.

If your are reading this Mr Chairman now is the time....(or our Winter of Discontent)...to call upon your inner reserves of strength and show that you have ambition and purpose for this club by bringing an end to this charade of management and bring in someone who will pick this team up and kick them back into a footballing team and back winning matches with a pride to wear the yellow and green shirt.

Or we can all go the Grimbsy and Stockport next year if you turn a blind eye to this situation.

By the way name is genuine so you don''t have fudge the real stories by writing about hidden identities!!!!

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