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Laughing stock

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You know what the worst thing is about all this, we''ve become laughing stock for just about every one connected with football in the Country - other clubs, their supporters, journalists, pundits etc.

And is it any wonder - it all started with the Delia debacle on the pitch last year. The flack was bad enough after that but now it''s even worse given our woeful performances this season. On top of that, we get players who should know better adding fuel to the fire by coming out with comical pre match comments. We are being ridiculed from every direction and yesterday''s Manager v Player argument will only make things worse - there''s nothing like an internal bust up to get everyone rubbing their hands with glee and rehearsing the snide comments.

Every team that we play really fancy their chances against us, their supporters look on us as easy games.

The final straw  ?

I can see it now - getting drawn in the 3rd round of the FA Cup against non league opposition and losing.

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