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Rudolph Hucker

So! Who wants it then.

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Funny how successful sides suffer less injuries, everyone is match fit and players under pressure for their place tend to turn up and perform. It''s no use having a team of willing workers with no skill but as we find; it is less use having a squad of so called quality players with other aspects missing.

Out of 10 then for Ability, Creativity, Spirit, Fitness Reliability and Playing to potential:

Green 8,6,9,9,6. = 38/50  76%  Bags of ability but punch-drunk. Needs a rest.

Louis Jean: Has let an average player claim his place.

Drury 7,6,8,8,6. = 35/50  70%  On his day 78% and suffers with Huckerby.

Shackell 7,6,7,4,5. = 29/50  58% Would have got 76% last season and has a lot to prove on his return.

Fleming 7,6,9,9,8 = 39/50  78% Tried to mark the old man hard but you can''t question his professinalism.

Huckerby 8,8,6,8,5. = 35/50 70% Too many errors. In the past 86%. Use sparingly in a relegation scrap.

Jarrett 7,7,6,5,6 = 31/50  62% Would like to think he is better than this but Hmmmm!

Thorne: Unable to assess.

Marney 8,8,8,4,7 = 35/50 70%. Not bad out of position but sadly crocked.

Ashton 9,9,9,7,6 =  80% 40/50 Lost confidence and needs a strike partner who doesn''t sit on the left wing.

Brennan 7,7,7,7,7 =  70% 35/50 Solid, pity he isn''t a right back.

Ward: Unable to assess

Mckenzie 7,8,9,4,5 = 33/50  66% Usually an 84%. We need the old Leon back soon.

Safri 9,10,9,5,8 = 41/50  82% If always available would be in the 90% bracket more strains than a tea lady.

Charlton 7,7,7,7,6 =34/50 68% and we''ve got more wide left than Old Labour, lopsided? Yep!

Hughes 6,6,10,6,7 = 35/50 70% If only effort was all it needed but certainly one for a scrap.

McVeigh 8,9,7,8,6 = 38/50 76% The iPod, compact and clever, needs a run in the side partnering Ashton

Henderson 7,7,8,7,6 = 35/50 70% Not sure where to play him, wide right is free (always) sorry Hendo!

Colin 6,5,7,8,6 = 32/50  64%  Edworthy would have received 78%. Forward is that way! No! That way!

Doherty 8,8,9,9,9 = 43/50 86% One of the few worth the shirt. Wonder how he''ll play without Davenport?

Davenport 8,8,8,8,8 = 40/50 He must be counting the days...No doubt about his inclusion though

80% + Straight in the side: Ashton, Safri (if fit and not in Africa), Doherty and Davenport. If no Safri then no automatic choices for midfield.

75% + In the side if no better direct replacement: Green, Fleming, McVeigh. Any wonder the last two have been tried in other positions. Still no midfield.

70% + Worthy''s worries: Drury, Huckerby, Marney (but no more), Brennan, Hughes, Henderson. One central midfield scrapper, one absentee, two left backs, a striker and an enigma.

Under 70%  Worthy''s woes: Jarrett, McKenzie, Charlton, Colin, Shackell. Two poor acquisitions a journeyman and, hopefully, two potential members of the Lazarus Club.

It looks like Hobsons Choice. How did Worthy allow himself to get into this ''situation''  (that really is his fault). The midfield is poor with only one automatic who is regularly unfit or absent. The right side has no specialist player and the left either has someone who can''t/won''t defend or vice versa. With the exception of long term absentees Marney, McKenzie and Shackell my team would be Ashton, McVeigh, Brennan, Safri, Hughes, Henderson, Drury, Docherty, Davenport Fleming and Green with sub''s of Ward, Huckerby, Colin and Rossi Jarvis. They would be sent out with a defensive mindset. This team is chosen out of necessity rather than choice and there is very little flexibility for abstractions (except on the left).

Otherwise, I think it''s time to give the youngsters a chance, at least they will be hungry for it!


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