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I have to say it but .....

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Worthys comments on the post match were both right and wrong.

Yes, at last he has slated the players for there performance to the post match interviewer!

Yes, The players are not playing with any passion this season. They are playing for themselves and not the team. Just enough to keep them in the side.

Yes, They don''t wear the yellow shirt with pride at present.

Yes, Drury needs to be replaced

Yes, Jason Jarret is not forfilling his ability or previous quality level he had with wigan.

BUT .....

Worthy, you pick the team, you give them the tactics, you have the job to inspire them to victory.

Perhaps you have lost their trust and loyalty?

IS it..........

A. Time for a clearout of the dead wood, eg: Dury,Charlton,Brenen,Mcveigh,Fleming,Jarret

B. Sell Safri! Yes I like him too but he''s too injury prone and is out of contract this summer. Also we relie on him too much.

C. Drop huckerby to the bench. Replace him with a young winger. Hucks has lost his edge and speed. Give a youngster a chance.

D. Drop Green for a game or two. Ward is a good goalkeeper and Green needs a break.

E. BUY a new midfielder to play with HUGHES. A playmaker who can thread balls through and keep the ball down to feet. Who I don''t know, sorry.

F. Build from the back. Keep the doc and davenport or replace him with shackle. they must be confident and TALL at the back. Play them every week come what may. In the end they will understand each other.

G. Play like Norwich can play. ON THE GROUND. Stop this long ball crap. Short passing and wing play with crosses to Thorne and Ashton or through balls to Mckensie when fit. Lets stop this long ball to Ashton who heads it on to nobody rubbish!

Theres loads more but even I''m getting bored of typing it!

KEEP IT REAL - Ali G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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