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Saint Canary

The Cake

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The Norwich City Cake is falling very flat at the moment and we are all worried as to why it is far from “tasty”.  It currently lacks any flavour and many of us are not finding it very appealing, it’s lacking substance and none of us are being left with the contentment of being well fed after consuming a piece.


Upon looking at the ingredients it appears that we have we have as much quality as any other Chef in the competition and many Cake Lovers who would not even normally buy our cake are wondering how it has gone so wrong.  On closer inspection it’s clear why the cake is collapsing, you just have to have a good look at the layers.


Bottom Layer
Looks solid at times and one forgotten ingredient has been remembered, dragged from the back of the cupboard and is now providing a little something that seemed lacking for some time.  We also borrowed another ingredient from elsewhere and this seems to have complimented the flavour of ginger.  All in all the bottom layer seems more than capable of providing a good base for the rest of the cake.


Top Layer
Currently there is no icing or cherry on top despite the apparent quality of the ingredients.  It just doesn’t taste right and it’s almost as if the ingredients have gone a bit stale.  No one seems to be able to put their finger on why the top layer is not as tasty as it should be but it’s clear that at times certain combinations of ingredients have not complimented each other.  Nobody doubts the quality of the top layer but it’s just not right.


Middle Layer
On close inspection it looks as though the middle of the cake might be where the problem is.  It appears that there is only one ingredient of any quality and the others (despite not being poor) simply are not good enough for the kind of cake we are trying to build.  Put quite simply the middle is lacking any solidity and is causing the other layers to crumble.  The middle layer is providing very little support to the top layer and at the same time putting too much weight on the bottom.  The middle layer badly needs more quality and a greater quantity of ingredients to make it better,  it’s just too fluffy at the moment.


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Just a piece of cake that when you look at it, you can actually recognise that it is a piece of cake. And it stays looking like a piece of cake for 90 minutes (95 preferably!).

If it does that, then it should leave you anticipating another piece of cake!

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