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nick oakley

actions speak louder than words

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just heard the comments of mr worthington post sheffield weds, and as usual its the same old record playing, first half good , second half  we were poor, but we,ve got to be strong, keep  positive, keep believing. i,m sorry but what is there to be positive about, we are a team in freefall and easy pickings for most teams home or away at the moment, the manager, and the team have said they are prepared to stand up and be counted, and they need to  do exactly that, starting tuesday, because they will be playing a cardiff side brimming with confidence, on the back of a good away point against the leaders, and looking to turn us over. so come on boys lets see some passion and pride when the first whistle goes and lets get  a much needed 3 points. talk is cheap and actions indeed speak louder than words,more so than ever before.

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