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The Walking Man

Re: Fed up with loan deals?

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[quote user="SuperWesIrishWizard"]

[quote user="Daisy Duke "]Well I am. The whole situation with loan deals seems to have got out of hand. There was a time when loan players were only brought in to help in extreme situations, usually in the goalkeeping department. Now every team seems to have them. How can players like Danny Mills be playing in the Premiership for a rival team? Ok, it''s worked for us on this occasion and I realise things have changed in recent years, but I would like to see a return to the old system of going with what you''ve got, as long as it''s the same for everybody. There''s been more debate and discussion in workplaces and pubs about these three loanees recently than any other subject that I can recall,(apart from Ipswich''s finances!!) As their departure now looks certain, does the thought of going through it all again fill you with joy? It doesn''t me.
Another three months of will they won''t they? Are they any good? Will they settle in the area? Can we possibly afford them? Please God, spare me from that. Use any money from the new share deal to buy new faces, fine, although anyone coming into the club may find added pressure on himself knowing the fans have financed the deal. If the new money doesn''t stretch to much, go with what we''ve got. We struck lucky this time. Remember Trevor Benjamin and Elvis. Mistakes can be made, and any new three month loan deals made now will be leaving us at a crucial time just before Easter. What do we do then, find three more?[/quote]




look at the date it was posted [:D]

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